Workplace retaliation is when an employer fires, demotes, or otherwise punishes an employee because that same employee has complained about unfair work practices or other illegal activity that an employer has engaged in. Although there are many federal and state laws (more than 30 in California alone) that specifically prohibit retaliation, some employers disregard them, promoting toxic work environments where rights violations and unlawful conduct are tolerated. Fortunately, they can be stopped through legal action.

If you have been the victim of retaliation, don’t let your employer bully you or otherwise intimidate you into silence. Let your voice be heard with Wilshire Law Firm on your side. Our workplace retaliation lawyers are committed advocates of employee rights with many years of experienced handling retaliation claims. We have what it takes to get you the justice and compensation you deserve. To discuss your case and learn more about your legal options, call us today at (213) 805-8549.

How Do You Know If Your Employer Is Retaliating Against You?

There are two elements to retaliation: 1) the victim files a complaint about a workplace rights violation or illegal conduct, and 2) the victim faces a retaliatory act (e.g. was fired) due to filing the complaint.

Both elements have to be present in order for a retaliation claim to be valid. For instance, if your employer responds positively to your complaint and acts to improve the situation, then the issue is resolved and there are no grounds for retaliation. However, if adverse action is taken against you right after you make a complaint, then it is most likely retaliation.

Also keep in mind, retaliatory acts aren’t always obvious, nor do they always result in your job being jeopardized. They can come in other, more subtle forms (specified below).

Common Workplace Retaliation Tactics

Here are the most common workplace abuses suffered as a result of reporting ethical violations or other wrongdoings, according to a study by the Ethics Resource Center:

  • Exclusion from meetings and other work activities
  • Alienation from other employees
  • Verbal abuse by other employees
  • Verbal abuse by a supervisor or someone else in management
  • Job loss
  • Denied a promotion
  • Pay cut
  • Relocation or reassignment
  • Demotion
  • Online harassment
  • Home harassment
  • Physical harm

Act Fast

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your retaliation case, you may have anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to file your lawsuit. It is highly advised that you contact a qualified workplace retaliation attorney ASAP, not only to make sure you don’t miss the statute of limitations, but also to collect and preserve evidence and position yourself for the best possible case outcome.

Excellent Legal Representation You Can Trust

If you have been terminated, demoted, harassed, or otherwise mistreated by your employer because you filed a legitimate and meritorious work complaint, contact the aggressive retaliation attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm for immediate assistance. We can help you understand your rights and assist you in recovering damages from your employer. Just call us at (213) 805-8549. Our line is open 24/7.


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