While our society has made significant progress towards equality in the past century, prejudice and all kinds of -isms sadly still exist to this day. For instance, modern forms of discrimination may not be as overt as they were back in the pre-civil rights era, but they can be just as harmful – especially in the workplace setting, where careers and livelihoods are on the line.

How do you know if you’re facing employment discrimination? Watch out for these red flags:

Unhappy Employees

When employees are unhappy, anxiety ridden, and hostile towards each other, it means the work environment is toxic. And a toxic work environment, in turn, is indicative of bad management. If your boss is okay with cultivating such a negative work culture, then s/he is someone who is also more likely to accept and perhaps even encourage immoral, even illegal behavior at the office (such as discrimination).

Inappropriate Interview Questions

Employment discrimination may be apparent as early as the interview process. Completely inappropriate and unnecessary questions about race, sex, age, etc. may reflect a prejudiced and discriminatory mindset. Even if you end up being hired – after all, many companies must comply with diversity polices – you may be subject to abusive and discriminatory behavior once you begin work at the company.

Deliberate Assignment of Work Duties

Discriminatory managers may assign targeted workers lesser duties or impossible tasks just so they can reinforce the idea that people of a certain characteristic or class are incompetent in the workplace. This tactic may also be used to justify the targeted employee’s firing.

Lack of Diversity

Some red flags of employment discrimination stick out more than others. For instance, if the workforce consists almost entirely of men, then your employer may be guilty of sex discrimination against women. Another sign is an employer suddenly stuffing an older employee’s file with minor infractions that younger employees generally get away with. The discriminatory boss could have plans to demote or fire the employee due to his or her age and therefore need the necessary “evidence” to justify the adverse employment action.

We Protect Workers’ Rights

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