Bosses are as various as people. Some treat their employees with respect, while others abuse them. Some give a raise where a raise is due, while others pinch pennies just so they can line their own pockets. Some bosses know when to be kind and when to be stern, while others throw their tempers around without regard to others’ feelings.

To put it simply, there are good bosses and there are difficult bosses, and having one or the other can make all the difference in the workplace.

And then there are the bosses who are so bad that they not only are toxic to their employees, but also go so far as to cheat and break the law, whether because it benefits them or because they can’t be bothered with doing things the right way. How can you tell whether your boss is this bad? Look out for these four very conspicuous signs:

  1. Your boss permits a hostile work environment. A hostile work environment is one in which bullying, discrimination, and/or harassment of any kind is tolerated, or worse, encouraged. Bad bosses usually either ignore complaints about such unacceptable behavior or even retaliate against employees for filing complaints.
  2. Your boss reclassifies the status of workers after hiring them. Some unscrupulous employers improperly classify workers as outside contractors or exempt employees to save money on taxes and benefits. Employee misclassification is a serious problem facing not only affected workers but the entire economy.
  3. Your boss is hostile towards organized labor. If your employer exhibits an overly-aggressive degree of hostility against organized labor, this is a tell-tale sign that your employer may not be above violating labor laws.
  4. Your boss is asking you to sign a mountain of paperwork. If your employer is asking you and other staff members to sign a mountain of documents regarding public disclosure of information and other so-called “security” concerns, then it may mean that they’re trying to hide something.

Difficult bosses are a fact of life, but bad bosses who break the law should not be tolerated. If you are working for a really bad boss, contact the experienced employment law attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm for immediate legal assistance. We can protect your rights while fighting to bring your employer to justice. Call us at (213) 805-8549 for a FREE comprehensive consultation.